Monday, December 29, 2008

Equus on Broadway: Pick of the Week

Daniel Radcliffe rides high in Equus. Carol Rosegg photo.

With only about five weeks left in its run, this is the time to think seriously about seeing the brilliant revival of Equus on Broadway. The play by Peter Shaffer hardly needs stars to succeed in pleasing its audiences. But its top roles have been filled by major actors such as Richard Burton playing the role now filled by the remarkable Tony-winner Richard Griffiths.

Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway. Carol Rosegg photo.

That Daniel Radcliffe, star of the popular Harry Potter films, so captivated London and Broadway theatre-goers is no surprise. This is not a shallow teen idol filling an opportunistic role, but rather a serious actor proving his mettle. Equus wins our "Pick of the Week" because it is a great psychological inquisition into the character of a young stable boy who blinded horses, and great theatre that will keep your mind actively involved in the evolution of both the boy's pathology, and that of his equally troubled psychiatrist. As if that was not enough, even more is bared in the famous nude scene, in his relationship with his girlfriend, all while the authorities sort out his crime.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, the nude scene with actress Joanna Christie had many parents objecting that someone who plays a boy wizard in films for children should remain innocent. But Radcliffe clearly wanted to get beyond such type casting, and spent months in the gym pumping up his physique so his love scene would not disappoint.

Daniel Radcliffe and Joanna Christie in the London Production

Of course our pick of this show would not be complete without providing a key to some discounts. This one is particularly good, and there are others around. This may prove particularly useful for weekday performances since it is very deeply discounted at $49.50 for rear mezzanine and $66.50 for orchestra and front mezzanine on Tuesday to Thursday evenings. Click here for tickets. Or check one of the ticket brokers that specialize in discounted tickets. Cheapest for fees is to visit one of the TKTS booths run by the Theatre Development Fund. Finally, you can call "Special Promotions" at 212-947-8844 and mention code EQNYT28.

This riveting tale is one whose images will stick in your memory for a long time. The stylized horses, with heads wrought out of steel and whose actors carefully constructed stances and actions makes them real to the audience is a minor miracle of theatrical trickery, aided and abetted by a magnificent cast and brilliant technical support.

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