Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shrek the Musical using discounts to build their audience

It isn't easy being green.

It's a sweet, big and lovable show. They just recorded the original cast album a few days ago - it is due out in March - and Shrek should be a sure thing on Broadway as word of mouth spreads among families. So for the next few weeks, through March 15 and the end of winter, you can get steeply discounted tickets. So while Shrek saves the Princess, you will save the money.

They are offering the $110 Orchestra and Front Mezzanine tickets at $68 for Tuesday-Thursday evenings and Wednesday matinee, and $45 for Rear Mezzanine. For Weekend evenings and matinees, the discount is less, $80 for the better seats, $55 for the Rear Mezzanine. ( usually $120-65). Shrek is playing at the Broadway Theatre at 53rd Street.

One of Shrek's big production numbers.

This discount has expired.

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