Monday, March 23, 2009

Extreme Shepherding: Viral Marketing That Works for Samsung

Artistic Flock. Photo courtesy Daily Mail.

It took three hundred sheep, three dogs and one determined farmer three hours to assemble his herd into this Spring Awakening. David Kennard has a farm in Devon, and revealed his secret. It takes more than just sheep and dogs. He planted feed along the outlines of the letters, too.

This short video captures everyone's attention, from computer geek to visual artist. And proves that even the shepherds in the hills of Wales have time to think artistic concepts, and the tenacity to work all day, and long into the night, to make them come to life. It is now a Samsung viral video, with 2.5 viewers to date.

As I watched the finale, I wondered what Arthur Fiedler (founder of the Boston Pops) would have thought.

"Can we get more sheep for the finale?" would likely have been his response.

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