Thursday, April 17, 2008

The creator of Pangea Day

Jehane Noujaim

Each year a few special people are given the opportunity to reveal their deepest wishes at the TED Conference. In 2006 a nervous Jehane Noujaim shared her vision for world peace with the TED attendees. A documentary filmmaker of amazing vision and grace, she was given a grant to make this a reality. But this is more than about charitable contributions, since TED attendees also have a desire to support its grantees and make sure the dream becomes reality. This is my small effort to spread the word.

Here is the talk that began the work on Pangea Day in motion.

The TED conference is an annual event and the acronym stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. For more of these amazing talks on video, and the list of amazing people who have given them, visit the TED site. The best part is that the talks on line are absolutely free. It costs upwards of $4,000 to attend, with some of the fee used to support worthy projects like this.

The TED Talks


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